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Tamagawa Spontaneous Fermentation Junmaishu (Yamahai)The original Spontaneous Fermentation pioneer: low intervention, high popularity

The first of the Tamagawa products to be made in the pre-modern fashion without adding pure yeast cultures, this series of products made with rice polished to 66% are our most popular. The yeasts living in our brewery are exceptionally vigorous, so the average level of alcohol for these products at pressing is well over 20%. They are all enjoyed for their potent, complex flavours centred on the core of acidity and umami.

The 3U version made with Kitanishiki rice (“Red Label”) is one of our top-selling year-round standards, and it also morphs into an aged, pasteurized and diluted version (“Vintage”), our “Yanwari” product and the “White Label” limited edition which tests the limits of fermentation. We also make sought-after limited editions with different rice strains – Yamada Nishiki, Gohyakumangoku and Omachi.

Besides the year-round standard, we also ship limited edition single-batch bottlings of the “3U” Kitanishiki version.

Domestic availability
Year round
“Red Label”: USA, UK, Sweden, Germany, Australia, Singapore.
“White Label”: USA, UK.
Gohyakumangoku: Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, France, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Poland, Switzerland, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Canada.
Rice, rice koji
Kitanishiki (Hyogo Prefecture)
other varieties (Gohyakumangoku, Omachi, Yamada Nishiki etc) for one-off limited editions
Rice polishing ratio

Serving recommendation

Sizes and prices

Sizes prices
1.8L 2,970yen
Sizes prices
720ml 1,485yen

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