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Tamagawa Junmai Ginjo “Myaa”Brewery Cat Label

Despite our best efforts to bring Tamagawa sake into the spotlight, a quick glance at social media will show that our greatest claim to fame is not our sake, nor even our locally-famous sake-flavoured ice-cream, but the brewery cat. Myaa adopted us about fifteen years ago and has stayed ever since, basking when possible in the rare Tango sunshine and pretty much constantly in the gaze of admiring customers.
While we will continue to promote Tamagawa sake to the best of our ability, we have made this special limited edition in recognition of Myaa’s star power.

Junmai ginjo
Domestic availability
On sale from June 1st: while stocks last
Rice, rice koji
Rice polishing ratio
60 %
14 - 14.9%

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Revised on Jun.01,2022

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