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Nomikurabe” SetOne 180ml bottle each of Daiginjo, Tokubetsu Junmai and Honjozo sake to compare and contrast.

The Kinoshita Brewery is situated by the Japan Sea coast of Kyoto Prefecture, a popular tourist destination for its beautiful beaches and superlative seafood. In Japan, taking a gift home for colleagues or family is as much as part of a trip as going out of the door, and this set of three quite different styles of our sake is one of our most popular items with visitors.

A fragrant daiginjo, aa hearty junmaishu and a smooth honjozo show some of the range of magic the traditional brewer's craft can produce even from within the same brewery. The set comes in a handy carrying box, or nestling in a presentation basket.

Sizes and prices

Product name Size (Contents)
Daiginjo, junmaishu, honjozo 180ml (three bottles)
handy carrying box or presentation basket
Sizes Prices
180ml 1,397yen

Revised on Jun.01,2019

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