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MasumasuhanjoA massive 4.5L bottle of Tokubetsu Honjozo made with rice from our own Koyama village. An auspicious gift carrying wishes for success in life and business.

This popular gift item comes in one huge size: a gargantuan 4.5L of easy-drinking dry sake. This is the equivalent of two-and-a-half of the 1.8L bottles, themselves big enough to startle unsuspecting western drinkers. 1.8L is one sho in the Japanese reckoning - enough to fill one of the square wooden measuring boxes called a masu.

Two of these and an additional half (han means half, so hanjo means half of a sho) make 4.5L. In a typical Japanese wordplay, these words can be written with other characters to express a wish for ever-greater success in business, which sentiment generally goes with the sake.

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Masumasuhanjo4.5L (one bottle)
decorative box

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Revised on Jun.01,2023

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