Privacy policy

We undertake to protect your privacy in accordance with the principles below. We work to protect your personal information by ensuring all our staff are aware of these commitments and their importance.

1. Accquisition and use of personal information

Our company will only use personal information when its use has been explicitly stated, and only for the purpose stipulated.

The purpose for the use of personal information is recorded in the personal information management ledger. A protocol for ensuring that personal information is used for none but the stated purpose has been established and will be followed by the person responsible for personal information use in any section where such use occurs.

2. Management and protection of personal information

We take every care in the handling of personal information, and will never show or pass personal information on to a third party without the express permission of the individual provider of the information. Safety management measures are applied to prevent leaks, loss or destruction of personal information.

As well as making arrangements to prevent any kind of trouble, in the unlikely event of any problem we will work swiftly to make corrections and prevent reoccurence.

3. Laws and regulations

We undertake to comply with all laws, statutes and other ordinances as fixed in Japanese law or other applicable regulations in our handling of personal information.

4. Inquiries and complaints

We have established protocols to receiver and respond to any inquiry or complaint regarding personal information in our possession, and undertake to respond swiftly to any such.

5. Continual improvement of handling and protection of personal information.

We work to constantly improve our approach and methodology in safeguarding personal information.