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2010, Batch 43. Spontaneous Fermentation, aged unrefrigerated.TAMAGAWA IBUSHIGIN AGED SAKE PROJECT, #2

Ibushigin, written with the characters for “smoked silver”, signifies an understated beauty that comes only with age – like the lustre that only time can bring to silver as it oxidizes. This is our metaphor for the depth and subtlety that only aged sake can offer.

For ease and safety, orthodox contemporary sake brewing uses pure yeast cultures and lactic acid. But much of our sake is made adding nothing but water, rice and rice koji, thanks to the power of the micro-organisms living in the earth-walled wooden buildings where Tamagawa sake has been made since 1842. We call this time-consuming and risky pre-modern style of brewing “Spontaneous Fermentation”.

Long years at room temperature after pasteurization have given this sake lovely colour and smoky aromatics. The natural punch of Spontaneous Fermentation when young has been softened with the transparency that only long-term ageing can bring.

Just as we haven’t relied on refrigeration in creating this sake, so we find that it drinks better in higher temperature ranges, room temperature or heated. We recommend trying it at a variety of temperatures to enjoy the shifting facets of its flavour and aroma.

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Rice, rice koji

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720ml (gift box)30,000 yen(30,000 yenyen)
Aged Sake Project IBUSHIGIN

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