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“Jewel Dragon” 2008,unpasteurizedTAMAGAWA IBUSHIGIN AGED SAKE PROJECT

Orthodox modern brewing uses pure yeast cultures for safety and convenience. But a large portion of all our sake is made adding nothing but water, steamed rice and rice koji.We call this rare pre-modern brewing system “spontaneous fermentation.” Thanks to the power of the microorganisms living in the wooden buildings where Tamagawa has been brewed for generations, each of these products is a unique expression of the natural microflora active in our brewery at the time the specific batch was brewed. Amongst these products, Jewel Dragon is a Junmai Daiginjo. Sake in this class made with ambient yeast is vanishingly rare. We bottled this 2008 vintage unpasteurized. It can be enjoyed across a huge temperature range, but we who made it find it most thrilling very, very hot – or as it cools down again. We also find its charms amplified by good food.

Junmai daiginjo(unpasteurized)
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Rice, rice koji
Yamada Nishiki (Hyogo Prefecture)
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720ml (gift box)30,000(30,000yen)
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