Each individual bottle has its own unique label
cut from vintage kimono fabric

Kyoto’s remote Tango Peninsula is known for its harsh winters and fine rice.
The Kinoshita family brewery has been making sake there with soft spring water for almost two hundred years.
The brand which has been nurtured by the local people is Tamagawa.

Today, Tamagawa sake is not only enjoyed by the local people, but by Nihonshu fans throughout Japan and across the world.
Its idiosyncratic brews are prized for their tremendous adaptability with food and stunningly variable expressions as serving temperature changes.

Many Tamagawa products have an extra dash of character from the secret ingredient, time.
Tamagawa sake evolves and grows from the moment is pressed.
The Ibushigin project showcases the most intriguing and exciting results of this process.
Ibushigin (literally “smoked silver”,) refers to the beautiful burnish that the precious metal takes on over time.
Savour the lustre that only years of ageing can bring.

undiluted “spontaneous fermentation” sake,
nurtured for over a decade

Orthodox modern brewing uses pure yeast cultures for safety and convenience. But much of our sake is made adding nothing but water, steamed rice and rice koji.We call this rare pre-modern brewing system “spontaneous fermentation.”

Thanks to the power of the microorganisms living in the wooden buildings where Tamagawa has been brewed for generations, each of these products is a unique expression of the natural microflora active in our brewery at the time the specific batch was brewed.

Alone amongst these products, Jewel Dragon is a Junmai Daiginjo. Sake in this class made with ambient yeast is vanishingly rare.

We bottled this 2008 vintage unpasteurized.

It can be enjoyed across a huge temperature range, but we who made it find it most thrilling very, very hot - or as it cools down again. We also find its charms amplified by good food.

“Jewel Dragon” 2008, unpasteurized

“Jewel Dragon” 2008, unpasteurized

“Jewel Dragon” 2008, unpasteurized

Junmai Daiginjo made with ambient yeast, aged unpasteurized at low temperature.
Ginjo finesse combined with the power of fermentation driven by natural microorganisms.

Price : 30,000yen (Tax-in 33,000yen)

ClassJunmai daiginjo
Rice polishing ratio50%
IngredientsRice(Domestic), rice koji(Domestic rice)
Internal capacity720ml

Each bottle has its own one-of-a-kind label

Bringing the deeper pleasures that only come with the years, Ibushigin Jewel Dragon 2008.
In this release, we have combined the subtle depths of matured sake
with selected cloth labels cut from vintage kimonos.
No two labels are alike, each unique pattern making a fitting decoration for this unique sake.

List of dealers

Hasegawa Saketen (Liquor shop) Kameido 1-18-12 Kameido, Koto-ku, Tokyo, 136-0071, Japan 03-5836-3477
Seibu Ikebukuro Main Store 1-28-1 Minamiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo, 171-0022, Japan 03-5949-2053
Kakeda Shoten 2-5-6, Takatori, Yokosuka-shi, Kanagawa, 237-0067, Japan 046-865-2634
Salon de KISSYO 5-47-16, Shinyoshidahigashi, Kohoku-ku Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa, 223-0058, Japan 045-541-4537
Sake Roman Uchiyama 4-27-3, Takaokahigashi, Naka-ku Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka, 433-8117, Japan 053-436-2764
Ichikawa Shoten 40-3, Kanbara, Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka, 421-3203, Japan 0543-85-2619
Iseya Saketen (Liquor shop) 120-2 Yatoricho, Toyohashi-shi, Aichi, 441-8023, Japan 0532-31-6568
Komeyosi Shoten 12-28, Higashiotoshicho, Neyagawa-shi, Osaka, 572-0042, Japan 072-826-0015
Tani Saketen (Liquor shop) 1-2-24 Fujiidera, Fujiidera-shi , Osaka, 583-0024, Japan 072-955-0123
Liquor shop Sakae 7tyou733 ootoriuingusu, Otorihigashimachi, Sakai-shi Nishi Ku, Osaka, 593-8324, Japan 072-275-0614
Nobori Saketen (Liquor shop) 555, Tainoshocho, Tenri-shi, Nara, 632-0071, Japan 0743-62-0218
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Tagai Saketen (Liquor shop) 29-1, Okukaiinji Toujyou, Nagaokakyo-shi, Kyoto, 617-0853, Japan 075-951-2836
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Liquor & Foods Tanaka 647 Sagata, Hatsukaichi-shi , Hiroshima, 738-0001, Japan 0829-31-3206
Kanedai Sakaya 1-53, Kamishirozu, Kasuga-shi, Fukuoka, 816-0844, Japan 092-572-4088
Hisamoto Saketen (Liquor shop) 768-2 Kamitenjincho, Takamatsu-shi , Kagawa, 761-8056, Japan 087-867-1111