Tamagawa Fukubukuro

Tamagawa Fukubukuro

Lucky Dip

The start of each season is a challenging time for brewers as they search for the combination of factors which will convert the unique characteristics of that year's rice into the right sake. The period until the first few batches are pressed is one of distinctive tension for the brewers, and one of special excitement for sake lovers as they await the first new sake of the season.

This product is named to celebrate that sense of anticipation. The sake itself is the first batch of junmai ginjo of each new season at Tamagawa, brewed dry, clean and crisp with aromatics of ripening melon and split wood.

Class Junmai ginjo (unpasteurised, undiluted)
December until we run out (February-ish)
Export -
Ingredients Rice, rice koji
Rice Gohyakumangoku (Kyoto Prefecture, Hyogo Prefecture)
polishing ratio
Alcohol 17-17.9%

Serving recommendation

On the rocks Chilled Room temp Slightly warmed Hot

Sizes and prices

Sizes Prices
1.8L 3,024 yen
720ml (gift box) 1,512 yen