Tamagawa Time Machine 1712, Time Machine 88

Tamagawa Time Machine 1712, Time Machine 88

A gift from the past: a sake to go with either ice cream or foie gras

Brewed to a recipe recorded in 1712, this is fabulously sweet but not cloying, thanks to far higher levels (roughly three to seven times) the levels of acids and amino acids for contemporary ginjo styles. A superb aperitif or dessert wine, with a startlingly wide range of compatible foods. Great with ice cream and desserts, but also with blue cheese, salty pickled Japanese delicacies and foie gras.

The label for 1712 shows a sake brewery of the past. In places, you will find a cheeky observer - a robot with a head made from our logo.

Class Junmaishu (kimoto)
Year round
Export Hong Kong (1712)
Ingredients Rice, rice koji
Rice Kitanishiki (Hyogo Prefecture)
polishing ratio
Alcohol (14-14.9%

Serving recommendation

On the rocks Chilled Room temp Slightly warmed Hot

Sizes and prices

Time Machine 1712

Sizes Prices
360ml 1,080 yen